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We empower engineers by providing them with browser-based mesh-free CFD software to validate their designs.

We know that every use case is unique ​and every engineer faces different challenges. That's why we want to invite you to the free, non-binding workshop where we can find out if our software can help you solve your problems.

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Meshfree CFD software in your browser


to focus on creating great products. Our particle-based simulation software takes care of everything else. No installation, no hardware - just engineering.

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the era of engineers

Imagine a world where your engineering ideas become reality faster than ever before. Engineers are powerful. They drive innovation. Without them, social and environmental advancement wouldn’t be possible. This is the era of engineers!


We take care of everything else

As an engineer, your job consists of much more than optimizing your designs - you deal with hardware issues, install and maintain software, spend time meshing, sit in meetings and, of course, you must wait to see the results of experiments or simulations. Our goal is to eliminate or minimize as many of these distractions as possible so that you can focus on your passion: just engineering.

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from anywhere

Our application's browser-based nature allows you to work on your simulations whenever and wherever you choose. Work freely, without limitations.

Experience Effortless speed

Choose the power you need and activate cloud computing resources with just the click of a mouse. Forget about hardware and its maintenance – we’ve got you covered.


Enable quick design decisions through simple meshfree setup and automated recurring tasks.


Make the greatest impact with your resource usage. Save time and money while taking care of the environment by replacing laboratory experiments with virtual simulations. Less setup and waiting time means more engineering.

Team up and
create epic stuff

Engineering is a team sport and collaboration across distances has never been more important than it is today. Our cloud-based platform allows for individuals within teams and across departments to seamlessly work together.

What our customers say

We maintain honest and open-minded relations with everyone who is a part of the Dive Experience. This is why some of the best and most renowned engineering companies share our vision.

The cooperation with Dive Solutions is very sincere and inspiring. By using models that reflect the current state of research, we are able to depict highly complex and non-linear phenomena that are not or hardly measurable on an experimental basis.
Dr.-Ing. Christian Oertel, BSH Hausgeräte
Together with Dive Solutions we developed a highly automated workflow for the simulation of splash tests, which enables a quick and easy identification of solution strategies. This was only possible with the always helpful and open-minded team of Dive Solutions.
Dr.-Ing. Kai Häberle, Kärcher
Dive gives exciting insights into gearbox oil splashing beyond conventional plexiglass covers. It is a great pleasure exploring the possibilities of particle based simulation together with their passionate team.
Dr.-Ing. Alexander Rhode,
NGC Transmission Europe
Working with the Dive team was an excellent experience. Internal losses of the heavy duty transmission were identified with high accuracy. That enabled the transmission design team to make a clear decision on internal components in the development phase.
Çağatay Evsizler, Ford Otosan
Our cooperation with dive solutions is characterized by an open, target-oriented and agile collaboration. With the help of their SPH-Solver we were able to simulate complex flows in a roller bearing and answer technically relevant questions.
Dr.-Ing. Kay Juckelandt, SCHAEFFLER
Working together with Dive solutions was a real eye-opener of what we could learn about gearbox lubrication without expensive and time-consuming tests. Already the first exercises during workshops gave us new insights, looking inside a gear unit in operation.
Daniël Verbeek,
Sumitomo Drive Technologies

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Discover how the duality of a powerful solver and intuitive interface empowers engineers to do their job effectively.

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