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We trust in creative people who love what they do. People who want to work on cutting edge technology that empowers engineers to make the world a better place. We believe in diversity, strong teams and healthy and friendly culture of trust, constructive feedback and empowerment. Work is not a job. Work is being passionate about something, meeting great people and building something you believe in.


Our work is not a job

We only have one life and most of it takes place at work. So, our job at Dive is not just to find a job, but a vocation for us and our colleagues. A vocation that focuses on our strengths and gives us a satisfying feeling of happiness every day. This is the only way we will grow beyond ourselves and exploit our full potential. Dive4Life does not stand for spending one's life at work, but for finding one's personal calling and perceiving and enjoying it as a core part of one's life. The target state is aspiration – not compulsion.


We go together

Dive would be nothing without its Divers. A respectful and honest environment is the basis of our "Culture of Trust". This starts with the personal greeting and farewell. The interest in the personal well-being of our colleagues is not a matter of course. It requires our constant attention and energy to support our colleagues in their challenges. This team focus helps us to create a sustainable, encouraging and trusting work environment from which we ultimately benefit individually. True to the African proverb: If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.


Our best ideas win

We have great talented Divers. This does not mean that they are always right. In fact, we admit mistakes freely and openly. Our open and interested colleagues give us the opportunity to present, discuss and improve our own ideas and concepts. In the end, we will develop better solutions and approach challenges more holistically. Changing the status quo means challenging yourself to think different. So better think twice before claiming ‘this is never going to work’. Embrace different perspectives and take them seriously.


We don't serve time

Working time can generally be scheduled freely. The individual and the success of Dive are not the result of measured and structured working time. Life is manifold and personal circumstances are unpredictable. We should grant this flexibility to our life and that of our colleagues.


We scrutinize rules

Rules are made to enforce processes and getting in control. They are introduced to gain efficiency or prevent disaster but from time to time, they fail to do so. This is the moment to question the deeper sense of a specific rule. Maybe it's time to break that rule or just give it up. Oftentimes building something new means tearing something else down. Make sure you really understand the value of a process, a regulation or a boundary and in doubt, feel free to speak up and change things.


Passion x Work + Fun + Salary + Appreciation = HAPPINESS

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Dive offers me the opportunity to use the highly performant software framework for my PhD studies and a great environment to learn new things and challenge myself.
Sabine Przybilla
Scientific Engineer
pushes the foundation of our multiphysics solver portfolio. She is responsible for many of our research activities involving numerical and physical developments
Dive really leverages the ambition of talented people and pushes them to their very best.
Ivo Simonsmeier
Web Development Lead
If you want to achieve something big, you'll need a team with a mutual vision. I found that at Dive.
Markus Taesch
Customer Success Engineer
Dive represents for me a perfect intersection between theoretical research and application. As a mathematician I'm interested in finding new algorithms and implementing new features to improve our software, both by keeping the pace with the current state of the art in SPH research as well as finding our own approach to overcome the challenging issues in computational fluid dynamics.
Simone Sommavilla
Mathematician & Software Developer
To me Dive is the place where incredibly talented people create and provide great simulation technologies. Technologies that empower engineers to shape the next generation of mechanical products. What I love about the people at Dive is their passion, their excitement and their relentless drive to make the impossible possible.
Pierre Sabrowski
Dive is not only an employer, it is a whole team itself that encourages personal development by all means and allows ideas to grow indefinitely. As a CFD engineer, I am always astonished about its cutting-edge CFD software that is based on novel state-of-the-art physical modelling insights in combination with high level coding know-how. This is what makes our incredible simulations possible. I am proud to be part of the elitist dive family.
Benjamin Legrady
Customer Success Engineer
Being a Diver means working with latest technologies in an innovation-driven culture to craft something valuable. It means sharing time with people who are all passionate about the same idea - reinvent engineering. Fast-paced development cycles, customer proximity and an open knowledge culture defines Dive as a company. Sometimes it's tough - but it's always fun.
Johannes Gutekunst
What does working at Dive mean? It means: Pushing forward continuously. Being on the edge. Eliminating the barriers of what’s possible one by one. Questioning everything. Not being able to sleep on Saturday because of an idea that you just can't get out of your head. Failing and getting up again. Dive is passion and friendship. A daring adventure into the unknown.
Felix Pause
Dive is a magnet for high potential talents. We combine a strong work ethic with many joyful moments. I seriously believe that this is very rare.
Maik Störmer
Working at Dive means building something incredible with amazing people around me. Keeping friendly culture, supporting each other, motivating teams to get things done, and creating a state of the art web-based CFD platform, this is what Dive is.
Kamran Ali
Senior Web Developer