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We empower engineers by providing them with browser-based mesh-free CFD software to validate their designs.

We know that every use case is unique ​and every engineer faces different challenges. That's why we want to invite you to the free, non-binding workshop where we can find out if our software can help you solve your problems.

How does it work?

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    We will get back to you to learn more about your use case and to schedule the First Date - a web call.

  2. The First Date

    We start by presenting Dive and the possibilities of our software. There will be time for discussion and questions.

  3. Workshop with Free Demo

    If we both come to the conclusion that our product can help to solve your problems, we will move forward together to the next step - a free, non-binding workshop. There, we will dive deeper into your use case and test our software on your design. Let's get started!


This is the first step in the Dive Experience Journey!


Schedule a call with our engineer Yannick or if you prefer, write an email. We are excited to hear about your use case!


We want to show you more details about each application and industry, but we are still gathering the content together. Stay tuned!

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