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We provide browser-based mesh-free CFD software to empower engineers to validate their designs.

We know that every use case is non-identical ​and each engineer is facing different challenges. That's why we want to invite you to the free non-binding workshop where we can find out if our product can solve also your problems.

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    If we get together the conclusion that our product can solve your problems, we forward together to the next step - a free non-binding workshop. There we can dive deeper into your use case and test the software in real life. Let's talk!


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Schedule a call with our engineer Yannick or if you prefer, write an email. We are excited to hear about your use case!

Mesh-Free Particle-Based CFD Software

Turn engineering design ideas into shared insights without the hassle.



with Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics

With its ability to treat highly dynamic flows in a more natural way, the SPH method is a powerful tool to predict free surface flows, multiphase flows, and moving machinery.

Particle-based CFD solutions open the door to new simulation use cases without compromising physical foundations. Based on the Langrangian form of the well-known Navier-Stokes equations, they dramatically reduce preparation times and computational efforts. Due to its computational scalability, the method is also perfectly suited for high performance computing tasks.

Learn more about the SPH method


The cloud technology helps us carry out our mission -  eliminate as many distractions in the engineer's workflow as possible. You don't need to worry about storing your data, hardware, or insufficient computing power. It's a dynamic environment that adapts to your needs. If you want to find out more check out our article.

No hardware needed

Run complex simulations without investing in infrastructure.

Unlimited flexibility

Stop simulating for months or run hundreds of simulations in one day. It doesn't matter.

Frictionless collaboration

The data is centralized and accessible for your team from any place at any time.

No installation needed

Just simply use your browser and always receive the newest version without any effort from your side.

THE CAE experience
you will love

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The core of our system - finely tuned to deliver the best balance between accuracy and performance. It does all the heavy lifting so you don't have to.

Free surface flow

Highly accurate free surface flow computation. Don't let slow you flow.

Boundary conditions

Highly accurate triangle-based boundary conditions. Accurate geometry = better results.

Multiphase flow

Do you want to simulate different fluids at the same time? Let's do it!

Inlet & Outlet Conditions

Our inlet and outlet conditions enable you to simulate injection systems and pumps like a superhero.


The best solvers should be complimented by strong organization and usability. Introducing an interface as intuitive as the tool is powerful.

All-in-one browser-based app

Everything takes place on your browser - setup your simulation in the efficient preprocessor and work with it in the postprocessor.

Customizable dashboard

You decide what you want to see. Eliminate distractions while running and monitoring your simulation.

Moving complex geometry

Set movements of complex geometry such as planetary gearboxes without issues.

Manage projects

Add simulations and group your design studies into projects to keep track of your simulation progress, all in one view.

import dive.api

# User interfaces are a waste of time? Use Python!
# Automate entire workflows and get design insights with just one click.
# All features are available in python.

example cases

Now that you know about our software, check out the different ways you can use it to optimize your designs.