You are interested to learn more? No worries, you will have plenty of time to test our tools and services before committing yourself to the Dive Experience. Just get in touch with us. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

01. Get in touch

We are looking forward to learning about your engineering case and give you more valuable insights on our simulation capabilities. Let’s check if we can help.

02. Workshop

In a joint workshop, you can already experience our software based on your technical use case. A great opportunity to have a first proof of concept.

03. Trial offer

Now, the 3 months trial phase is the perfect way to test our software in your daily engineering life. On your side, you will find a fully dedicated customer success engineer.

04. Decision

By now, you may already be in love with what we call the Dive Experience. Nevertheless, take your time to choose a license that perfectly fits your engineering needs.

05. Subscription

Did you find a yearly subscription that suits your requirements? Perfect, let’s go and create epic stuff!

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